Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome to Jakarta JV!!!

finally the owner of one of the famous fingerboard wheels brand in the world, Jerome Verony (JV) from Substance Wheels (France) arrived in Jakarta.. Dee, Echie and Ami decided to pick him up in the Soekarno-Hatta Airport (Jakarta). After we met him, we get amazed by him, he is good-looking (echie said that),  he is very smart, he is super friendly and love to share funny stories.. we're all laughed all the way home (to Dees house) listened to his funny stories about France, Germany and China.. hahaha.. :D here are the photos :

 Ami with the "JV Sign".. :D

 Yeah!! welcome to Jakarta JV.. :)

 Echie have some chit-chat with JV while we are walking to get to the car..

 finally JV felt that Jakarta is hot.. and he finally took off his jacket.. :)

 make a stop for some late drink-ner.. hehe.. ah and JV tried the "Pisang Bakar coklat-keju", he said "I never think that bananas can be combined with chocolate and cheese.. but it's not bad, it's good.."

 Ami setup, Dee setup and sure the JV setup.. niceeee...

FP will distributing this wheels soon!!! get ready for one of the best fingerboard wheels in the world guys.. :)

*We will post the updates soon..

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