Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome to Jakarta JV!!!

finally the owner of one of the famous fingerboard wheels brand in the world, Jerome Verony (JV) from Substance Wheels (France) arrived in Jakarta.. Dee, Echie and Ami decided to pick him up in the Soekarno-Hatta Airport (Jakarta). After we met him, we get amazed by him, he is good-looking (echie said that),  he is very smart, he is super friendly and love to share funny stories.. we're all laughed all the way home (to Dees house) listened to his funny stories about France, Germany and China.. hahaha.. :D here are the photos :

 Ami with the "JV Sign".. :D

 Yeah!! welcome to Jakarta JV.. :)

 Echie have some chit-chat with JV while we are walking to get to the car..

 finally JV felt that Jakarta is hot.. and he finally took off his jacket.. :)

 make a stop for some late drink-ner.. hehe.. ah and JV tried the "Pisang Bakar coklat-keju", he said "I never think that bananas can be combined with chocolate and cheese.. but it's not bad, it's good.."

 Ami setup, Dee setup and sure the JV setup.. niceeee...

FP will distributing this wheels soon!!! get ready for one of the best fingerboard wheels in the world guys.. :)

*We will post the updates soon..

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Get Ready for the Substance guys!!!

Jerome Verony said this in FFI,

"Tomorrow I'll be off for Jakarta!
Checking out the Indonesian fingerboard scene with the guys from fingerplant and enjoying some peace & sunshine Cheesy 

These pearls certainly can't be found on even the most beautiful beach in Indonesia, so I'll have to bring them along with me  Cool"
ahahaha.. we can't keep the secret anymore.. YES, the owner and rider for Substance Wheels, Jerome Verony will come to Jakarta, Indonesia tomorrow. TOMORROW!! yeahhhhh!!! hahaha.. He decided to come to Jakarta because of he had some "business" deal with FP, and at the moment he is in holiday, so he decide to spent his holiday here, and he wanted to see the fingerboard scene in Indonesia too.. so guys, prepare for the Substance, prepare for the JV.. :)

*In the 1st day he will stay in Dee's house, and sure in the next day we will take him around Jakarta, get some good time, and sure we will take him to try all the available park in town.. so see ya in the street guys.. :)

Kenjiro at FKF Meetup!!

our friend, Mr.Billy from Monkeywood taged us this video in facebook.. He shot our rider, Kenjiro Sabato when he was in FKF Meetup last Saturday.. :) just click the link for the video (in facebook) : Kenjiro Video

Thank you Mr.Billy.. :)

*We will post the photos from the event tomorrow night or.. soon.. or.. emmm.. yeah, but we will post it for sure... hahaha..

Ronnie Creager is the MAN!!!

Who said pro skater don't do FINGERBOARDING????? so.. if a skater said fingerboarding is a toy.. well he actually didn't know what skateboarding its all about!!!! watch this video, Ronnie Creager, a PRO that skates for Blind prove that skater also do fingerboard.. :)

watch 1:37 - 2:10 for the "fingerboard" time... :)

*this original posted in Ami Love You blog.. :) Here!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Home Industries Fingerboard (Surabaya)

this brand is own by our best friend in Surabaya, Mr.Wicax.. Home Industries is a tp brand from Surabaya, it has High Kicks and Deep Concave, we already try the decks (we got it from Wicax as a gift).. and here's a poster of their promo, we just got it from Mr.Wicax facebook..

*the decks also available at Fingerplant, we will upload the products photos in Monday.. :)


here's a Substance video we got from Youtube...

photos :

about the wheels (took from fingerboardstore) :

The new Substance THC wheels are the fruit of 4 years of accumulated passion, dedication and progress.

THCa overview:

- perfectly round wheels, made in germany
- a unique signature material, in-between rubber and plastic
- compatibility with all major types of trucks (BRR, Ytrucks, Bollie, TechDeck)
- centralized precision bearings
- Most durable wheel design ever

One set consists of 4 Substance THCa wheels (green).

Substance Wheels riders :

Jérôme Verony
Ammon Wilkes
Max Zulauf
Nick Uvarov
Tim Zagrebelny
Pawel Lozowski
Peter Rekawek
Gonçalo Rodrigues
Martin Beckmann
Dennie Flagmeyer
Vittorio Píscopo

*also you can read History of Substance HERE (it's a Substance thread in FFI, just find the "History of Substance" below the 2nd photo, it's a PDF file).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Honda DBL Fingerboard Competition (BALI)

just saw this poster in Mr.Khrisna facebook..

it's gonna be a nice event.. so for Bali fingerboarders, it's your time to shine guys.. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to be a Pro Fingerboarder!! (just for fun and laugh)

hi Guys, here we will tell you some secrets.. you know that being a pro fingerboarder is like a "wow", you can get free stuff from your sponsors, you can do tour, you can have a photo session and your face will be in magazine (Fingerie Magz for sure).. and today, tonight, right here, right now, we give you how to become like that.. HUAHAHAHAHA (scary laugh like in horror movie..)

okay, let us show and explain to you, how to be a pro fingerboarder..

Play it tucked fingers guys!!! one day, like a year ago, my old friend said to me it's more stylish if you play it tucked fingers.. stylish means it's more nice to see, and sure you will get higher score in any competition if you play tucked fingers, higher score means higher chance to win the competition right?? and if you win it, FOR SURE, a company will keep their eyes on you.. yeah!!

Now we do it like a real pro, when your "fingerboarding" hand is getting busy, don't forget about your other hand. Yes, you can do anything with your other hand, but it will look better if you put that hand on your back. why? because.. I don't know, pros do it!! hahahaha.. no no no, because it will give the audience a clear view to see your tricks, not disturbed by the annoying move of your other hand. :D

Ollie is suck, kickflip is out of date.. yes, I heard that many times, now kiddos want to see the wow-big-bang-crazy-combo tricks, BUTTTTT... You can't do anything if you can't do ollie, kickflip, or shove-it.. the point is basic tricks is important!! you can't do 360flip if you don't know how to do a kickflip and shove-it, you can't do big spin if you can't do shove-it.. and guess what, you can't do a kickflip without knowing how to do an ollie... hehehe.. so master your basic tricks till it get really smooth guys.. :)

Next after you master the basic tricks, then you got to put it in a line or a combo.. you can do a kickflip, you can do a boardslide, then why don't you try some kickflip to boardslide? do it in rails, ledges, box, whatever.. hehehe..

Yes yes yes.. A pro always looks good guys, no matter your style, punk, hip-hop, high fashion or poser, but remember be the best of it.. hahaha.. when you are in camera (for a video) or in real life, a company want you to look good, of course your skill must be better that your shirts but still a company want you wear your best costumes to represent the company.. a good company.. yeahhh...

What is the correlative between fingerboard and music?? Trust us guys, it will help you much when you are editing your fingerboarding videos. You can put a music in your video as your backsound, and in editing theory, there's an editing way that called "edit by music"... The music will lead you how you will cut the footages and else..

It's good if you have a lot of fingerboarder friends but then it's getting better if you have a lot of pro fingerboarder friends!!! hahahaha.. why? because when you hang out with the pros, a real-friendly pro fingerboarder, not just a fingerboard "seller", you can get a lesson from them. they will tell you how to become like them, even you can "steal" their tricks.. and the biggest advantage is, they can recommend your name to their "boss" to be their company rider.. right? we never know.. hehehe..

It suck to have a crazy-uncontrolled rider.. not even a single company that wants a cocky and unfriendly rider.. so guys, you got to watch your attitude!! Be nice to everyone, and be a down-to-earth person, give respect to everyone.. then the company will love you, they will think you are a good person that can be represent the company brands. The pros are sometimes crazy-ass-drunk fingerboarder (like in the photo)?? yeah, what can we say, they are pros.. we are drunk, we love to makes jokes, we are crazy-party event crasher, but yeah, we are pros!! hahahaha.. for fun guys.. peace...

Paint something, sing something, write something.. when you get creative enough, it will develop your fingerboard tricks. You can see an obstacle in different way. Don't believe me? okay, when you see a rail, what will you do?? a kickflip to nosegrind to nollie flip out? heelflip to boardslide to shove-it out? that's the SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) guys.. why don't you try.. let me think.. emmmm..  boneless to 50-50 body varial? yeah.. hahaha..

Own a camera, you can buy it or just steal it, and learn how to use it so you can shoot your fingerboarding session.. the easiest way is ask your friends that own a camera to shoot your fingerboarding session!! let them do it for you, and you can focus to land your tricks.. remember guys, without footage, all your tricks are just a fiction.. :)

After you get your footage in camera, then you need to edit it, or at least transfer it to the computer.. so it's better for you to master the video editing software.. you can do it in pros way, use Avid, Final Cut, After Effect etc or you want to keep it simple with the Movie Maker, it's up to you.. or, yeah again, just ask your friends to edit it for you.. lucky for us, we have Dee in our office.. hahaha..

You have your photos, your fingerboarding videos, then it's your time to promote yourself.. put it in myspace, facebook, youtube, twitter and other hype social network!! let the people aware of your existence, aware of your style, aware of your skill!!! YEAH!!!

hahahahaha.. yes yes yes people, it's time for you to learn make a good signature.. every pros had a good-looking signature.. you can see Elias sugnature in BW deck, looks good right?? hehehe.. so get a paper and a pen now and start signature-ing!! hahaha..

today you do this

maybe tomorrow you will do this!!! hahahahahaha..

YEAHHHHH!!! what do you think about our "be a pro" step-by-step?? hahahahaha.. we just do it for fun guys.. but who knows, maybe it will works for YOU!!! So enjoy reading the step by step, and see you in Advance (Open) Class guys.. hahahahaha...

When you are finally get hooked by a company, and be a pro, you must do this..

you are a pro now, means you have bigger responsibility.. you got to promote yourself and your company.. photos more, videos more.. :)


so hope you guys can be a "better" fingerboarder in the future.. God Bless Fingerboarder!!!

*photo by : Dee, Ami Love You
  model : Koms, Ami, Nepom, Echie, Dee

Cianjur Meetup!!!

just saw this poster in our rider, Robby Kawwani, facebook...

so for fingerboarder near Cianjur, it's not a sin to come there.. have fun guys.. :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Thanx for Them!!!

We just realized, we got to say thank you for these people (or thing) to keep this blog alive and fun to read!!


those 2 international blogs is our inspiration for this blog. We read those blogs every night.. so guys, if you want to get "smarter" in fingerboarding world, it's not a sin to read their blogs.. :)

Fingerplant Foamtape!!!

yeahhhh.. finally we release our own Foamtape products!!! Erick Nepom already try that, and yes, he felt in love with this tape!! his new FP Deck setup completed with this tape.. guys, you got to have it!!!

the price is only IDR 50.000,-/pack (3 sheets)

available at :
Fingerplant (087882234704/08567114707)
Prambors Concept Store (Jakarta)
Skematic (Jakarta)
Bad Sicknal (Pontianak)


just tagged in facebook.. :) let's go to Solo guys!!!

Sure, Fingerplant will be there.. Maybe it's Ami Love You, Erick nepom and Kenjiro Sabato.. maybe.. :)

Seaside Session : Kenjiro Sabato

a mini video of Kenjiro Sabata.. chillin' with the fingerboard and enjoying the weekend in the beach.. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nepal Cup 2011!!!

Nepal Cup is an event of sports that held by Pamulang 3 Senior High School. And yes, there's a fingerboard event there. and Fingerplant is one of the sponsors. we decided to sent Ami and Nepom to that event. the fact is Nepom got invited by them to did a skate demo there. here are some photos of the event (photos taken by Ami Love You)  :

 Erick Nepom just arrived there!!

 got some sweat there.. :)

 let's roll..

 Erick Nepom try the drop.. 

 Adhi from Rusewoodin a run.. 

 the judges : Erwin (Fingerpop) and Nepom (Fingerplant)

 GoS final, Bunk (Bunkerdeck) and Adhi (Rusewood)

 winner of full park run, Adhi

 winner of Gos, Bunk

family potrait.. hahaha.. hey ehem, who's the sweet girl there?? Jess.. who? hahaha.. :p

actually Ami gave me a lot of photos and video about what happen there, like dance competition, but the dancer was so sexy, I don't want to change this blog into a "porn" blog.. hahaha.. and one video that show some weird dance that called "tectonic" or whatever, but geez.. it just weird, sorry "tectonic" guys, I just don't get it, I don't get what is your dance move.. peaceee.. :D

result :
Full Park Run : Adhi (Rusewood)
Gos : Bunk (Bunkerdeck)

Fingerplant at Skematic!!!

yeahhhh!!! finally our products "arrive" at the most-exclusive urban-skate shop in Jakarta. Yes, we available at SKEMATIC!!!

store location :

Skematic Kemang
Jl. Kemang Raya no. 8
La Codefin Building UF-12
Jakarta Selatan 12370
Phone: 021 71791887

Behind the Scene : Owl Ramps Video

here are photos that we took when we made Owl Ramps video.. :)

Ami, Dee, Nepom are the "let's make a video!!!" maniacs... hahahaha..