Friday, January 21, 2011

Ami Love You - Owl Ramps video!!!

our rider, Ami Love You get hooked (again) with Owl Ramps!! and here's the mini video, or you can call it the commercial.. :)

I just got the latest update from James (Owl Ramps owner), you can buy Owl Ramps products here :
email :
facebook : Owlramps Fingerboard
phone : 087877933137 (James)

*video facts :
- We use Pole Jam and Kinky Rail from Owl Ramps
- Ami Love You is now sponsored by Owl Ramps and he got those two Pole Jam and Kinky Rail that used for the video
- The table that been drilled for the Pole Jam was a table in FP office.
- Dee really love the Pole Jam, it's a rare to see him play some "street", and in this video we all so lucky to see him hit the "street" thing.. :)

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