Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JV (Substance) @ Prambors Concept Store!!

Yesterday, Dee, Nepom, Echie and Ami took JV to Prambors Concept Store (Prambors is an exclusive distribution store for FP products) to get some fingerboarding session at their park and to meet some Jakarta fingerboarder there.. here are the photos :

 before we gone to Prambors, we had "meeting" first in FP office..

 JV explained about the Substance Wheels to Nepom and Echie

 JV got some session in mini ramps.. :)

 why we post this photo? because it's JVs photo, he took it with Dees camera.. :)

 finally, Prambors Store.. JV tried the Park with the locals.. :)

 JV - Varial Kickflip

 JV did some "reconstruction" for the park.. hehe..

 JV - Sw Kickflip

 JV and Erick Nepom

 JV showed us his decks collection.. he had so many rare decks and wheels.. sure we will photo the details later.. 

 Nepom and his "ride".. keep on dreaming pal.. hahaha..

 JV got some footage of Albar "the King" Maulana.. Albar is the champion of The King of Fingerboard 2010 (biggest event in Indonesia), so we called him "the King"..

 Yeahhh.. JV with all of the guys at Prambors Store.. :)

 after Prambors, we decided to have dinner at Sate Senayan in Menteng.. 

JV eat "Nasi Cobek" (It's rice with egg, eggplant, tofu, soybean, fried chicken, and chili, served in a clay plate), "Gado-Gado" (it's a mix vegetables with peanut sauce) and drink "Jus Mangga Kelapa Muda" (it's manggo juice mixed with coconut)

Fun facts :
1. after we gone from Prambors, we got stuck by the traffic jam, and JV said "it's 10 minutes and we just move 10 meters".. hahaha.. We told you JV, welcome to Jakarta, the traffic is crazy.. :)
2. When JV showed us his decks collection, we just go "woowwwwww!!!", we envy you JV!!! his collections are awesome, we can find "old" Berlinwood (engraved), Pop Decks, Timo Liebens signature Berlinwood, some rare Flaked, and the great special Martin Winklers Finga deck, and so many special wheels and the prototype wheels.. and sure many more, we will show you all the details later..
3. JV very like to try every Indonesia foods.. he try all the foods that we can find in the street and restaurant.. he eat padang food, siomay, bubur ayam, and many more to come.. hahaha..
4. JV loves Jakarta weather a lot.. he said it's warm here, and a lot of trees.. hehehe..

big thanx for Mr.Danan (the "boss" of Prambors Store) and all Prambors Store crews, Bunk, Fairo and all the guys from Bintaro Fingerboard

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