Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kenjiro Sabato Interview (and photos)

 Fs Kickflip to Sw Manual to Sw Shove-it out

Q : Hello Kenji, first, introduce yourself..
K : Hello, my name is Kenjiro Sabato, I am 14 years old, I am a student in 109 Junior High School in East Jakarta and I live in Bekasi..

Q : Why you can get in touch with fingerboard?
K : I get in touch with fingerboard since November 2008, at first my big brother, Dee, who play it. he play it since like 2001, but I first try to play it was in 2008, I just borrow his Tech Deck. And after that I am getting addicted, and I bought my first deck.

Q : What's your current setup?
K : FP Deck + FMD Tape + Standard Wide Trucks + FF G6 bearing wheels

Q : I saw that you are very active to join a competition, what's your achievement since day 1??
K : wow, I almost forgot how many of it.. hahaha.. I try to make the list.. 
1. TKoF 2009 : 15th Place Street Advance
2. Hend-Ramps Park Launching 2009 : Semifinal GoS
3. Finger Attack 2010 : 12th place Street Advance
4. Toys Fair Jakarta 2010 : 2nd Place GoS (I got beaten by Albar, damn!!)
5. TKoF 2010 : 41st Place Street Advance
That's all I remember.. actually there are so many other events that I join, but I just forgot the result.. hahaha.. like my big bro said, keep it fun, don't get stress with a competition.. :)

Q : In your own perspective, What's the best fingerboard event you ever came in?
K : of course, Fingerie Magz Launching at Prambors Store!! the event was not boring, I was so excited there, fingerboarding and full of entertainment.. there were DJs scratching all day long, also Reno Pratama with his band.. it's entertaining, so I didn't get bored there.. 

 Kickflip Underflip Drop In

Q : What's your favorite tricks and what tricks still a "mystery" for you??
K : for now, I love to do Pop Shove-it Underflip.. I still in search for a combo, Sw Heelflip to Nosegrind to Fakie Kickflip out.. damn, it's killing me!!

Q : I saw that now you love to do some underflip, why?
K : It's a cool trick for me, that's my favorite trick in Skate 3 (Playstation 3 game) hahaha..

 Kickflip Fs Noseslide

Q : I heard that some friends keep calling you "Norman Genta" (*Norman genta is an amateur skateboarder in Indonesia)??  
K : hahahahahaha.. It begins with Ami (Love You), he was the first person to call me that.. maybe of my hairstyle, sometimes I make my hair looks like Normans style.. hahaha.. and maybe because I love to wear Volcom shirt.. (*Norman Genta sponsored by Volcom)

Q : Your Sponsors??
K : Fingerplant Deck and FMD tape!! yeahhh!!

Fs 5-0 to Kickflip out

Q : Thanks to...
K : first, God.. :) my family, all FP crew, especially the team manager, Ami Love You.. :)

Q : Girlfriend??
K : hahaha.. no, I don't have one.. yet... hahahaha..

Sw Heelflip to Fs Boardslide

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