Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rider Interview : Erick Nepom

360 Flip to Bs Lipslide

*before you read this, I got to warn you all, Erick Nipam is one of the funniest fingerboarder, so prepare for the funny answer from him.. :)

Q : Hello, please introduce yourself...
N : My name is Erick Nepom

Q : How you first get in touch with fingerboard?
N : one time accidentally my fingers want to play with real skate deck, so I think "why not try fingerboard?".. so I try to play my finger with fingerboard.. hehehe..

Kickflip Fs Bluntslide

Q : You used to be an active and famous skater (Erick Nepom was a sponsored skater in 90', he was sponsored by Quiksilver), what do you think about fingerboard?
N : Fingerboard is absolutely FUN, ADDICTED, BOMBASTIC and FANTASTIC.. comparing with skateboard, the difference is just the adrenaline, the others are same, FUN, ADDICTED, BOMBASTIC and FANTASTIC..

Q : Your current setup...
N : Fingerplant Deck + FBS Tape + Wide trucks + ORingz bushing + Ruse Wheels

Q : Your achievement in fingerboard?
N : 1. 1st place in GoS Medan
      2. 1st place in GoS Jakcloth (Jakarta 2009)
      3. 1st place in Kickflip Challenge (Fingerie Event 2010)
      4. 10th place in Ramps (TKoF 2010)

Q : You favorite tricks? and what tricks that still a "mystery" for you?
N : my fav is Kickflip K-Grind, why I like it because it's a "mystery" in my skateboarding history... hahaha..

Q : What's your current sponsor right now?
N : Fingerplant, Ruse Wheels, and Fingerpop Ramps

Nollie Nosegrind

Q : Thanx to...
N : My lovely wife.. my main sponsor Fingerplant, Ruse Wheels, Ami Love You, Uncle Dee and Aunty Echie, Komeng FP, Tyo and Nanda.. my skateboard friends : Viji, UU, Bima, Rico Opa, Rico Bogel, Puink Park and Point Break.. and all the fellas that I can't said right now... asikinnnnn... GBU ALL!!!

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