Sunday, January 30, 2011

Get Ready for the Substance guys!!!

Jerome Verony said this in FFI,

"Tomorrow I'll be off for Jakarta!
Checking out the Indonesian fingerboard scene with the guys from fingerplant and enjoying some peace & sunshine Cheesy 

These pearls certainly can't be found on even the most beautiful beach in Indonesia, so I'll have to bring them along with me  Cool"
ahahaha.. we can't keep the secret anymore.. YES, the owner and rider for Substance Wheels, Jerome Verony will come to Jakarta, Indonesia tomorrow. TOMORROW!! yeahhhhh!!! hahaha.. He decided to come to Jakarta because of he had some "business" deal with FP, and at the moment he is in holiday, so he decide to spent his holiday here, and he wanted to see the fingerboard scene in Indonesia too.. so guys, prepare for the Substance, prepare for the JV.. :)

*In the 1st day he will stay in Dee's house, and sure in the next day we will take him around Jakarta, get some good time, and sure we will take him to try all the available park in town.. so see ya in the street guys.. :)

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