Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rider Interview : Reno Pratama

yeah, finally we got him.. hahaha.. as we know it this guy is very hard to reach.. Reno was so busy with his activities, he is a pro skater, he is a lead singer in his band, but yesterday I got him!! hahaha.. so enjoy the interview..

Reno is known for his nollie and switch in fingerboard, he can do it regular but he prefer to play nollie or switch.. he said "it's more stylish".. :)

Q : Hi Reno, please introduce yourself...
R : Hi, I am a skateboarder and musician

Q : When and how was the first time you get in touch with fingerboard?
R : Since 1999 until today.. first I know fingerboard because of my skateboarding friends..

Q : Your current setup? 
R : Fingerboard : FP Deck, BRR Trucks, Winkler Wheels BRR Edition and FBS Smooth tape.. (in this photos Reno using Nepoms setup, because he forgot to bring his setup)
     Skateboard : Folklore deck, Venture trucks, Bearing abec 7, Blank wheels..

Sw Nosegrind

Q : Your favorite tricks? and what trick is still a "mystery" for you?
R : Many.. hahaha..

Q : What do you think about fingerboarding comparing to skateboarding?
R : Having fun!!! for me fingerboard and skateboard is all about having fun.. 

Sw Kickflip over grass

Q : Your current sponsor?
R : Fingerboard : Fingerplant.com
     Skateboard : Rusty, Macbeth, Vestal, Folklore

Q : Your favorite fingerboarder?
R : Erick Nepom, Albar Maulana and Wisang..

Q : Thanx to..
R : All my friends that support me.. thanx guys.. :)

Sw Kickflip to fs Boardslide

Rapid or Question!!!
1. Old Fat or Still Skinny : Still Skinny
2. Big Spin or Big Boobs : Big Spin
3. Eva Arnash or Ricky Martin : emmm.. okay, i prefer choose Eva Arnash.. (hahahaha)
4. Nollie Heel or Switch Kickflip : Nollie Heel yeahhh...
5. Rails or Ramps : Rails!!
6. Beer or Vodka : Vodka..
7. Fixie or Lowrider : Lowrider!!!!!
8. Fingerboard or Fingerplant : Fingerplant!! Fingerplant for Fingerboard.. hahaha..

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