Monday, January 10, 2011

Rider Interview : Ami Love You

today, I had an interview with one of FP rider, Ami Love You.. :)

Q : Hi.. let's introduce yourself...
A : My name is Ami, my full name is Ami Love You, my real name is Syahrul Amami.. in age 25 still fingerboarding and fat!!!

Q : When and how the first time you get in touch with fingerboard?
A : When first time I quit skateboarding.. In 2001 because of fingerboard I start skating again and quit again and start again.. hahaha...

Q : Your current setup?
A : Rusewood Anubis deck + FP Tuned trucks + FMD Tape + Rusewheels 

Q : Your achievement in fingerboard?
A : Get a kickflip nosegrind!!! I don't compete, it's only for fun, I love street fingerboarding most!! but I get lots of money in Surabaya for beating the best trick guys!! It was a Hardflip fs Boardslide..

Q : Your favorite trick? and what trick is still a "mystery" for you?
A : Hardflip!! a "mystery" trick is Heelflip, because I can do it easily in skateboard, but in fingerboard.. arrrgghhhh!!! It's so damn hard!!! and I don't do nollie and switch, I hate them!! hahaha..


Q : Your current sponsor?
A : Rusewood,, FMD Tape and more I hope.. haha..

Q : Favorite fingerboarder?
A : Dee, Boris Dietschi, Albar Maulana and Christian Sugiono... :D

now the time for RAPID QUESTION!!! (Ami answer all of it without thinking, he got to answer it directly after I give him a question)

1. Kickflip or Heelflip : Heelflip!! (blahhh...!!)
2. Gungz or Koms (Komeng) : Koms!! f*ck!! (hahahaha.. gay)
3. Rail or Ledge : Ledge!!
4. Fakie or Switch : Switch!! (booo.. liar!!)
5. Fat or Skinny : Fat!! yeah!!
6. Milk or Alcohol : Milk!!
7. Boris or Elias : Boris for sure!!
8. Bowls or Street : Street!!

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