Monday, January 24, 2011

Nepal Cup 2011!!!

Nepal Cup is an event of sports that held by Pamulang 3 Senior High School. And yes, there's a fingerboard event there. and Fingerplant is one of the sponsors. we decided to sent Ami and Nepom to that event. the fact is Nepom got invited by them to did a skate demo there. here are some photos of the event (photos taken by Ami Love You)  :

 Erick Nepom just arrived there!!

 got some sweat there.. :)

 let's roll..

 Erick Nepom try the drop.. 

 Adhi from Rusewoodin a run.. 

 the judges : Erwin (Fingerpop) and Nepom (Fingerplant)

 GoS final, Bunk (Bunkerdeck) and Adhi (Rusewood)

 winner of full park run, Adhi

 winner of Gos, Bunk

family potrait.. hahaha.. hey ehem, who's the sweet girl there?? Jess.. who? hahaha.. :p

actually Ami gave me a lot of photos and video about what happen there, like dance competition, but the dancer was so sexy, I don't want to change this blog into a "porn" blog.. hahaha.. and one video that show some weird dance that called "tectonic" or whatever, but geez.. it just weird, sorry "tectonic" guys, I just don't get it, I don't get what is your dance move.. peaceee.. :D

result :
Full Park Run : Adhi (Rusewood)
Gos : Bunk (Bunkerdeck)

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