Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ami Loves You Blog!!

our rider, Ami Loves You is a blogger too.. check out his great blog, AMI LOVE LIFE


hi Guys, it's time for some fishes, prawns, meats and beeerrrrrsssssss.... hehehe.. after a great success of TKoF 2010, we are at Fingerplant office and our old friends from Home Industries and FMD from Surabaya decide to have a BBQ in our parking lot. yeahhhh, let's burn something guys!!! :D

 Echie and the preparation!! hemmm.. yummyyy... 

 Ami Loves You became Ami Loves BBQ...

 Erick Nepom teach Ami Loves You his signature "cocktail".. :D

 yummyyyyy.. yummyyyy... 

 kenjiro with his "Barbeques Everyday" T-shirt!!

 Can't wait for it.. huhuhu

 Erick Nepom said "Deliciousssss!!"

 Jeff Kazama had a serious moment with his rice.. hahaha..

 a little romance can't kill you.. hahaha..

 Ami Loves You, with the most famous Indonesia beer.. hehe..

 the ladies..

 getting a little "crazy" to get some photos in the highway fence.. :D

 The Boys : (left-right) Wicax, Nanda, Robby, Kenjiro, Erick Nepom, Dee, Ami Loves You, Jeff, Tyo

 Ami Loves You and FNGR PLNT t-shirt..

the next morning.. it's time for our old friends from Surabaya to go back to their home.. Good Bye, Good Luck, and We will meet again soon guys!! yeahhh!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Team Photo Session!!!

It's time for the team photos guys!!! hehehe.. :) this photo taken at TKoF 2010 event in Jakarta.

left-right : Gungmas "Gungz" Larasati, Raken Hasim, Albar Maulana, Dee, Ami Loves You, Kenjiro Sabato, Erick Nepom, Robby Kawwani

not in this photos are Reno Pratama and Tius.. they're get real busy with their other job when we get this photos. :)

Riders Setup!!

here you can see the setup of each Fingerplant rider.. the setup in this photo are their current setup right now. You can see the scratch in their deck. Real setup, not only for promotional purpose only.. hehehe.. we play real, yeahhh!!!

Deck : FP Deck "Bracelet"
Tape : FMD Tape
Trucks : FP Wide Trucks with O-Ringz Bushing
Wheels : Inward x FP Slim Wheels

Deck : FP Deck "Banana Board"
Tape : Foamtape (Custom)
Trucks : FP Wide Trucks with FF Teflon Bushing
Wheels : Rusewheels

Deck : FP Deck "Green Campaign"
Tape : FMD Tape
Trucks : FP Wide Trucks
Wheels : Inward x FP Slim Wheels

Deck : Rusewood Blank
Tape : FMD Tape
Trucks : FP Wide Trucks (tail), FP Tuned Trucks (nose) (Tail : Loose, Nose : Tight)
Wheels : Rusewheels

Deck : FP Deck "Worn-Out", FP Deck "Warhola"
Tape : FMD Tape
Trucks : FP Wide Trucks with Rubber Bushing (Worn-Out), FP Tuned Trucks (Warhola)
Wheels : Kayumade (Worn-Out), Inward x FP Slim Wheels (Warhola)

*I will try to post the other riders setup soon, because it's holiday season, some of our riders going abroad, so I can't photo them.. huhuhu.. :_(

Hangover Team!!

left-right : Kenjiro Sabato, Erick Nepom, Dee, Ami Loves You

Robby Kawwani for Fingerplant!!

Robby Kawwani sign a new contract for Fingerplant Deck!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FP Tips and Tricks : Impossible (Robby Kawwani)

here's the tips n tricks by our rider, Robby Kawwani. the trick is Impossible.

Nothing's Impossible!!

Gungz Sign a New Contract for Fingerplant!!!

yeahhhh.. Gungz have a new contract with Fingerplant.. she still our rider for...ever!! hahahaha.. :p

YEAYYYYYY!!! Gungz always ready to kick some guys ass!! hahaha..

TKoF 2010 Result!!

 photo by Dee

 Street Beginner

 Street Advance


King of Kickflip : Taffy Suria - 48 Kickflips

The King of Fingerboarding 2010 : Albar Maulana (Fingerplant)

The KING is Here!! Albar Maulana, The King of Fingerboard 2010

Fingerplant rider, Albar Maulana won TKoF 2010, he got the title, yes he is "THE KING"!!!

short interview :
Q : Hi Albar, Let's introduce your self..
A : Okay, my name is Albar Maulana Mohamad Al-Habsyi, I am 15 years old, I am a student in 90 High School, I live in Tanah Kusir, South Jakarta.

Q : When was the first time you get in touch with fingerboard?
A : I play fingerboard since 2008, and I know the fingerboard thing from the Internet. hehehe..

Q : What is your favorite trick? and what trick is still a "mystery" for you??
A : my favorite trick is the trick that goes clean and smooth. I still in search for Backside Hurricane Grind, I got it but still sketchy.

Q : What's your current setup?
A : my setup now is Berlinwood Elias Assmuth Complete Set 2009 (get it from Fingerplant.com)

Q : What's your achievement in fingerboard??
A : hahahaha.. okay, here's the list :
1. 1st Place Advance Street (TKoF 2009),
2. 1st Place Mini-Ramps (TKoF 2009),
3. 3rd Place GoS (TKoF 2009),
4. 1st Place Fingerfreak Best Trick (Surabaya 2010),
5. 1st Place Run Park Toys Fair 2010 (Jakarta),
6. 1st Place GoS Toys Fair 2010 (Jakarta),
7. 1st Place Idiota-Budi Luhur Run Park (2010),
8. 1st Place TKoF 2010

Q : So now you are the KING, what do you think about TKoF 2010, and how do you feel being the King??
A : hehehe.. I feel so nervous.. the event is so great, it's a success to get all Indonesia fingerboarder in one place. I feel so happy to be the King. hehe.. happy to meet all fingerboarder friends from all over Indonesia. hehe..

Q : Thanx to...
A : Riptape.. hahaha.. Allah SWT, Dad, Granny, Omar, Icil, All Fingerplant.com crew especially Dee, Echie, Ami, hehehe... and thnx to lovely Indonesia fingerboarding. Fingerboard for Fun!!

Q : Gungz??? (Albar ex-gf)
A : ahhhh.. yeah, we can put her name too.. hahahaha..

here are some photos of Albar in TKoF 2010

 Albar Maulana - Nollie Nosegrind

 Albar Maulana - Nollie Nosegrind

 Albar Maulana - 360 Flip to Fakie

 Albar Maulana - 360 Flip Drop In

 Albar Maulana - Kickflip Over the Hydrant

 Albar Maulana - Kickflip to Manual

 Albar Maulana - Kickflip Drop In

Albar Maulana "The King 2010"

all photos by : Dee

Fingerplant Riders in TKoF 2010!!

some photos of our riders.. :)

 Ami Loves You - fs Big Spin to fs Boardslide

 Dee - Shove-it Rock to Fakie

 Gungz - Kickflip to fs Boardslide

 Kenjiro Sabato - Shove-it to fs Nosegrind

 Erick Nepom - Kickflip fs Lipslide

 Raken Hasim - Nollie Nosegrind

Robby Kawwani - sw Nose Manual to Fakie Impossible to Fakie Nose Manual

Random Photos of TKoF 2010

yeahhh!!! TKoF 2010 just happen!! here are some random photos :

 So many audience, so many booth.. :)

 Free Session.. 

 you can get the November issue of Fingerie Magz here.. :)

 Fingerplant booth.. Komeng is the officer.. hehe..

 from Solo, Undead and Pion team.. :)

 hahahaha.. look, like father like son.. hahahaha.. :D

 Arvi and Dee, 2 different generation fingerboarder with same playing style, TKY Style.. and yeah, Arvi beat me in Ramps.. hahaha...

 Ami Loves You and Jack from Rusewood.. :)

 Woodywood give you a Birdhouse complete skateboard.. :)

 Wicax from Surabaya..

 Jeff from Surabaya...

 Bunk from Bintaro Fingerboard..

hahahaha.. no comment.. :p FP Owner, Echie and Dee get some self potrait.. :D

all photos by : Dee and Echie