Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rider Interview : Dee

Dee is known for his unique fingerboarding style, also for his fingerboard photography, he is one of the best fingerboard photographer.. enjoy the interview guys.. :) (all questions made by Ami Love You)

Q : Hi Alldhika Ganessha, 24 years old, please introduce yourself..
D : Hallo, You already mention my name there.. hahaha.. I am Dee, I am 24 yo, I live in Bekasi.. 24 yo and I am married!! hahaha..

Q : Since when you play fingerboard?
D : First time I played fingerboard was in 2001, when I was in Senior High, then I quit in 2003, but I played it again in 2008 till now.. :)

Q : Why you like to play fingerboard? why not "play" with girls?
D : hahahaha.. F*ck you man.. hahahaha.. Yeah I got bored to "play" with girls! Damn!! My wife can't read this.. hahahaha.. because fingerboard is challenging and one day I just realized "f*ck, my skating is suck, let's go try some fingerboard" hahaha..

TKYs Handstand
Q : Your current setup?
D : FP Deck "Bracelet" + FMD Tape + Custom FP Tuned Trucks with Oringz + FP x Inward Slim Wheels.. actually Ami set it up for me.. hahaha..

Q : You favorite trick? and what trick is still a "mystery" for you?
D : Shove-it Rock n Roll for sure!! and I still in search for kickflip to any grind.. F*CK!!! I don't play street!! hahahaha.. I am a hardcore bowl rider!! yeahhhh!!!

Fs Feeble

Q : your favorite fingerboarder beside Ami?
D : hahahahaha.. damn... TKY for sure!!! Martin Winkler, Julien Klein.. oh for locals are Albar Maulana and Gungz, hope they can be a couple again.. hahahaha..

Q : thanx to..
D : God!! hahahaha.. my lovely wife, Echie.. all FP crew and teammates, Ami for this hilarious interview, FMD Tape for sponsoring me, and.. everyone that I can't mention right now.. happy fingerboarding and do it for fun guys!! 

 Dee and his wife, Echie (circa 2006)

Rapid or Question!!
1. Bowls or Pools : Bowls!! damn, pools are coller.. (hahaha)
2. Kickflip bs Noseslide or Sw Nosegrind Kickflip out : Ki.. hahahaha!! Neither!! I don't do both of them!! 
3. Adulz or Koms : hahahahaha.. I choose Adul, he is my wingman.. hahaha..
4. Sinar Garut or Pisang Ijo : Sinar Garut!!
5. Gossip Girl or Beverly Hills 90210 : Beverly Hills!! damn you, you almost got me there.. hahaha..
6. Indra Brugman or Joko Anwar : f*ck they both are gay!! hahaha.. okay Joko Anwar is better.. hahaha..
7. Vert Ramps or Mini Ramps : Vert!!
8. TKY or Geoff Rowley : TKY!! whattt, damn, Geoff!! hahaha.. (Gotcha!!)

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