Monday, January 17, 2011

Sad News from Bali.. T_T

actually I got this news like 2 weeks ago from Nepom.. Indra Kubons store (One Boardstore) just got robbed!!! Indra is one of our best friend in Bali, he provide his store for us when we came in Bali for the Fingerie Magz launching... we had a lot of fun there.. it's sad to hear what happen to him and the store.. be tough bro, it's a Lords will, when it's going down, it will rise up again.. GBU..

 I can't even say a word.. T_T

 this was when we came for Fingerie Magz Launching in Oct 2010

 sure this store was super cozy.. :)

 Indra and his Fingerie Tour shirt.. :)

yes!! Indra is a fingerboarder too.. :)

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