Monday, January 17, 2011

Team Photo Session : Behind the Scene

yes, we just got a new photo session for the team.. :) yeah, I can't publish the photos in here first. It will be our magz adv and website.. BUT, I can give you behind the scene photos right here, right now!!! yeahhhh!!!

the photo session placed in some "secret spot" in Jakarta, we have a lot of fun there, get some photos and sure filming some fingerboarding.. :) the spot is really raw, but that's the reason we love it, you can find gap, banks and some flatground to play GoS.. my advice is bring some rails, you can make a "new" spot with it.. :) thanx for Ami Love You to bring us there.. well done buddy!! what upppp... hahaha..

 1PM in McD.. :)

 Ami Love You filming Albar and Gungz..

 Reno Pratama and Erick Nepom

have some chit-chat.. :)

 GoS in the water time!!! hahaha.. it's after rain guys.. :)
 Gungz texted "hi baby.." to his bf.. hahaha..
 Reno and his death gap.. he did fs kickflip there.. :)

 Albar got his spot there.. kickflip.. :)

(left-right : Dee, Gungz, Ami Love You, Erick Nepom, Albar Maulana, Robby Kawwani, Reno Pratama, Kenjiro Sabato)
one of Team photos.. it's the only "final" photo that I get permitted to published here.. :)

Facts :
1. Raken Hasim and Tius can't join us in this session, because they are busy with their job at the moment.. :)
2. It was rain that day, so it got wet.. yeahhh..
3. Nepom and Reno just got wasted night before the session.. hahaha..

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