Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bandung (little) Trip!!

in Friday (January 7th 2011) Dee, Echie, Ami Love You and Erick Nepom gone to Bandung, a beautiful city that known for the chicks... hahaha.. no no no, I am just kidding.. We were there for some "business" meeting and also for took some fingerboard footages from our friends from Bandung Fingerboard (but Ami and Nepom running the memory card out with their own footages.. hahaha), the scene in there are great, almost like in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia fingerboarding scene.. :)  here are some photos :

with Mr.Discho, our web master.. :)
 with Ega MP and Ardi from Bandung Fingerboard and Middfinger..

 yeah.. Ami Love You and Erick Nepom with their "Pisang Ijo".. 

 Watching the Quiksilver Bus Tour Video, Erick Nepom was in that video, he was a skater that endorsed by Quiksilver..

 this is Ato!! he is the gossip guy!! hahaha.. ah and also he is the #1 fans of Nikita Willy.. hahaha..

 Dee, Nepom and Ami setup.. Ami bring 3 setup that day.. damn.. haha..

 Middfinger will open their store next weekend, and they have a new park.. and yeah, of course, no doubt, we were there to play in that brand new park.. ahahaha.. yeahhh!!

 Fakie Kickflip over 3 decks..

 Fs Indy

 Nollie Kickflip over 3 decks

360 Kickflip gap to Noseblunt Slide (this trick was really sick!!! Ega MP screamed when Nepom landed it!!)

*Fun Facts :
1. In the middle of the highway, Dees car runned out of gas!! 
2. We planned to have lunch when we arrive in Bandung, buttttt yeah, we choose to had lunch just a few miles from Jakarta.. hahahaha..
3. We were like a hundred miles from Jakarta, but then we just met our "jakarta" fingerboard friend, Yassereno Omar there.. hahahaha..

* I will post the video soon.. :)

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