Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday is Cooking day!!

FP owner, Echie and FP rider Kenjiro Sabato are the killers in the kitchen.. :) they both have same hobby, cooking!! and Sunday is their day to get busy in the kitchen... Yesterday they (once again) collaborated in the kitchen, from breakfast till dinner.. :) for breakfast Echie make a nice Chinese Egg Fried Rice, for lunch they make some Garlic Prawn, and for dinner a killer Spaghetti Bolognaise and Spanish Style Grilled Steak.. yummy.. :)

 this the Egg Fried Rice, It's not the actual photo (I get it from Google), but the one that Echie made was exactly had the same look with it.. :)
 Echie and Kenjiro made the Bolognaise sauce.. 

 yeah, Echie look the recipe from the internet, luckily our house is full wi-fi.. :D

 the meat.. the meat!!!

 this is the killer spaghetti!! you guys should try this!!

 Dee can't hold it anymore for the 2nd plate.. :D

 why Echie and Kenjiro are so good in the kitchen?? Finally I got their bible.. Thanks for Jamie Oliver for this yummy Sunday.. :)

*I know it's not "fingerboarding" post, It just an Intermezzo.. do it for fun guys.. and pssstttt.. next post I will give you stories for FP little trip to Bandung.. get ready for some kick-ass photos from Dee.. :)

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