Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bekasi Fingerboarder Meet-Up

actually this meet-up held in December 26th 2010, Dee forgot to edit the photos.. his bad.. hehehe..
this is the first meet-up ever in Bekasi, Dee and Echie live in Bekasi, so they decide to come to this meet-up and support the scene there.. :) not so many that come, around 11 fingerboarder, but I think this is very good for the newly born community.. :) here are some photos :

 even it's raining, Bekasi is still one big-crowded city.. haha..

 Bekasi Setup.. :)

 Bekasi Fingerboarder

 everyone watch Michael with his Kickflip fs Lipslide

 FP Owner, Echie and her bro, Nanda..

Nugroho, the winner of best trick challenge (kickflip fs boardslide in marble bench)

I forgot all the names that came to that meet-up.. sorry.. but you know who you are.. hehe..

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