Friday, January 28, 2011


here's a Substance video we got from Youtube...

photos :

about the wheels (took from fingerboardstore) :

The new Substance THC wheels are the fruit of 4 years of accumulated passion, dedication and progress.

THCa overview:

- perfectly round wheels, made in germany
- a unique signature material, in-between rubber and plastic
- compatibility with all major types of trucks (BRR, Ytrucks, Bollie, TechDeck)
- centralized precision bearings
- Most durable wheel design ever

One set consists of 4 Substance THCa wheels (green).

Substance Wheels riders :

Jérôme Verony
Ammon Wilkes
Max Zulauf
Nick Uvarov
Tim Zagrebelny
Pawel Lozowski
Peter Rekawek
Gonçalo Rodrigues
Martin Beckmann
Dennie Flagmeyer
Vittorio Píscopo

*also you can read History of Substance HERE (it's a Substance thread in FFI, just find the "History of Substance" below the 2nd photo, it's a PDF file).

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