Thursday, December 23, 2010

Team Photo Session!!!

It's time for the team photos guys!!! hehehe.. :) this photo taken at TKoF 2010 event in Jakarta.

left-right : Gungmas "Gungz" Larasati, Raken Hasim, Albar Maulana, Dee, Ami Loves You, Kenjiro Sabato, Erick Nepom, Robby Kawwani

not in this photos are Reno Pratama and Tius.. they're get real busy with their other job when we get this photos. :)


  1. tu wa ga pat ma nem jug pan

    Gila 8 Riders

  2. harusnya 10 bro.. :) yg 2 gag bisa datang hari itu.. hehe.. Fingerplant, the home of best fingerboarding team in Indonesia.. ;)