Tuesday, December 28, 2010


hi Guys, it's time for some fishes, prawns, meats and beeerrrrrsssssss.... hehehe.. after a great success of TKoF 2010, we are at Fingerplant office and our old friends from Home Industries and FMD from Surabaya decide to have a BBQ in our parking lot. yeahhhh, let's burn something guys!!! :D

 Echie and the preparation!! hemmm.. yummyyy... 

 Ami Loves You became Ami Loves BBQ...

 Erick Nepom teach Ami Loves You his signature "cocktail".. :D

 yummyyyyy.. yummyyyy... 

 kenjiro with his "Barbeques Everyday" T-shirt!!

 Can't wait for it.. huhuhu

 Erick Nepom said "Deliciousssss!!"

 Jeff Kazama had a serious moment with his rice.. hahaha..

 a little romance can't kill you.. hahaha..

 Ami Loves You, with the most famous Indonesia beer.. hehe..

 the ladies..

 getting a little "crazy" to get some photos in the highway fence.. :D

 The Boys : (left-right) Wicax, Nanda, Robby, Kenjiro, Erick Nepom, Dee, Ami Loves You, Jeff, Tyo

 Ami Loves You and FNGR PLNT t-shirt..

the next morning.. it's time for our old friends from Surabaya to go back to their home.. Good Bye, Good Luck, and We will meet again soon guys!! yeahhh!!

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