Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The KING is Here!! Albar Maulana, The King of Fingerboard 2010

Fingerplant rider, Albar Maulana won TKoF 2010, he got the title, yes he is "THE KING"!!!

short interview :
Q : Hi Albar, Let's introduce your self..
A : Okay, my name is Albar Maulana Mohamad Al-Habsyi, I am 15 years old, I am a student in 90 High School, I live in Tanah Kusir, South Jakarta.

Q : When was the first time you get in touch with fingerboard?
A : I play fingerboard since 2008, and I know the fingerboard thing from the Internet. hehehe..

Q : What is your favorite trick? and what trick is still a "mystery" for you??
A : my favorite trick is the trick that goes clean and smooth. I still in search for Backside Hurricane Grind, I got it but still sketchy.

Q : What's your current setup?
A : my setup now is Berlinwood Elias Assmuth Complete Set 2009 (get it from

Q : What's your achievement in fingerboard??
A : hahahaha.. okay, here's the list :
1. 1st Place Advance Street (TKoF 2009),
2. 1st Place Mini-Ramps (TKoF 2009),
3. 3rd Place GoS (TKoF 2009),
4. 1st Place Fingerfreak Best Trick (Surabaya 2010),
5. 1st Place Run Park Toys Fair 2010 (Jakarta),
6. 1st Place GoS Toys Fair 2010 (Jakarta),
7. 1st Place Idiota-Budi Luhur Run Park (2010),
8. 1st Place TKoF 2010

Q : So now you are the KING, what do you think about TKoF 2010, and how do you feel being the King??
A : hehehe.. I feel so nervous.. the event is so great, it's a success to get all Indonesia fingerboarder in one place. I feel so happy to be the King. hehe.. happy to meet all fingerboarder friends from all over Indonesia. hehe..

Q : Thanx to...
A : Riptape.. hahaha.. Allah SWT, Dad, Granny, Omar, Icil, All crew especially Dee, Echie, Ami, hehehe... and thnx to lovely Indonesia fingerboarding. Fingerboard for Fun!!

Q : Gungz??? (Albar ex-gf)
A : ahhhh.. yeah, we can put her name too.. hahahaha..

here are some photos of Albar in TKoF 2010

 Albar Maulana - Nollie Nosegrind

 Albar Maulana - Nollie Nosegrind

 Albar Maulana - 360 Flip to Fakie

 Albar Maulana - 360 Flip Drop In

 Albar Maulana - Kickflip Over the Hydrant

 Albar Maulana - Kickflip to Manual

 Albar Maulana - Kickflip Drop In

Albar Maulana "The King 2010"

all photos by : Dee

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