Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Favourite Drinks : SINAR GARUT!!! :)

helloooo... this time, we go to Sinar Garut to enjoy some slurpy cold freezing "es teler" (I don't know what it call in english) hahaha.. for you who doesn't know what is "Sinar Garut", It just a small place to drink traditional "es teler", "es campur" etc.. it's near from Fingerplant office, so we often go there, almost everyday.. especially Ami Loves You, he is truly addicted!! hahahaha.. here are some photos :

 Erick Nepom and Ami Loves You, 2 peoples that ADDICTED to Sinar Garut!!

 On the Way to Sinar Garut... :)

 See.. Ami Loves You get really hyped when we arrived.. hahaha..
 Kenjiro Sabato side job, the ice maker.. hahaha..

 Ami Loves You can't stop smiling here.. he feels like he is in heaven.. :D

 Erick Nepom and his favourite "Es Teler Mocca", it taste sweet..

 Kenjiro is under-age, so he choose a glass of pure water!! hahaha..

 Dee and his favourite "Es Campur", It's like Es Teler but with more complete fruits and red syrup.. :)

Ami Loves You drinks "Es Teler Mocca"

Okay guys, you all should try Sinar Garut, maybe the place is not really good, but the taste is very very VERY AWESOMELY FRESHLY DELICIOUS!!!! hahahahaha...

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