Tuesday, December 14, 2010


we are in Fingerplant also do a magazine, Fingerie Magazine, it's a FREE fingerboard magazine in Indonesia. And there are some pictures of our last activity, we are interviewing Raudya Amalia (Rusewood rider) and Gungmas "Gungz" Larasati (Fingerplant rider). They both are (we think) the best female fingerboarders in Indonesia.

fun fact : Raudya is a big fans of Gungz.. hahahaha..

 Fingerplant owner, Echie, and Bintaro Fingerboarder.. big thanx for Mr.Bunk and Bintaro Fingerboard

 Ami preparing the recorder for the interview

 Because of the noise, we decide to move to more "quiet" place, and enjoy some food during interview.

 Raudya and Gungz interviewed by Ami

she is Gungmas Larasati aka Gungz

she is Raudya Amalia aka Audi

Interview goes very well, there's so many funny question from Ami.. hahaha.. about the complete interview and more photos you all can see it in Fingerie Magz 4th edition. :)

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