Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Move to New Office!! yeayyy!!!

Fingerplant have a new office... yeahhh!! now we are moving from Kota Wisata to Jatiwarna, closed to South Jakarta.. hehehe.. here are some photos :

 Dee and Ami Loves You ready to move some stuff from the old office.. :)

 Our driver help us to move the stuff into the car..

 It's Raining.. we got to cover our stuff.. :)

 Kenjiros driver, Ujang, help us to move some heavy stuff.. :)

 hahahaha.. Ami Loves You and his "arrggghhhh" face... hahaha..

 Our "locker".. Dee and Echie share the top, Ami is in the 2nd, Erick Nepom is in 3rd, and Komeng in the bottom.. :)

 Right side of the office or "the relax side".. it still messy, we get tired moving the stuff.. hahaha..

the left side or the "work station".. :)

All photos actually taken in few days ago, now the office gets more clean, with some picture hanged to the wall.. I will update it soon.. :)

Fingerplant Office address :
Jl. Arteri TOLL JORR Jatiwarna, KM.38
Pondok Melati, Jatirahayu
Bekasi. 17415
(Ruko Si S'mart)

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