Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FP Team Goes To Budi Luhur University

we are goes to Budi Luhur to participate in Idiota fingerboard competition there.. :)
The event goes well, so many friends showed up there, like Bunk, Ano, Fairo etc from Bintaro Fingerboard, Rama from Idiota etc.. the total contestant around 20 people, and it's an open class... everyone can join, everyone can compete.. :)

 left-right : Kenjiro Sabato, Ami Loves You, Albar Maulana, Dee

 left-right : Ami setup, Kenjiro setup, Albar setup, Kenjiro Minus Duck, Kenjiro setup, Omar setup (Dee forgot to photo his own setup..)

 Free session.. everyone try to get their line.. :)

 some ultra-wide angle.. :)

 Bunk give a coaching clinic (kickflip)

 Dee give a coaching clinic, how to play in ramps (quarter pipe)

 Ami Loves You show you how to play in rails.. :)

 Bunk in a Run.. hehehe..

 FP rider, Albar Maulana get the victory!! he is 1st place in Park Run.. yeahhh!!

After a tired competition, we decided to have a dinner in some restaurant in Fatmawati.. :)

result :
1. Albar Maulana (Fingerplant)
2. Ano (Bunkerdeck)
3. Bunk (Bunkerdeck)

GoS :
Ano (Bunkerdeck)

Kickflip contest :
Ano (Bunkerdeck) 17 kickflips

we have the video of our riders run, I will upload it soon.. :)

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