Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fingerplant Goes To Bandung!!!

yeahhhh.. last Sunday, we went to Bandung for the opening of our friend fingerboard store, Middfinger Store.. Ami, Nepom, Dee, Echie, Albar, Gungz and JV (Substance) decide to came there, not for the competition, but for have fun.. yeah!! hehehe.. here are the photos :

 hehehe.. not so good-looking photo.. hahaha..

 the competition.. 

 JV get busy with his camera..

 our rider, Robby, looking for his last trick.. he was in 3rd place for park run.. yeah!!

 our beautiful friends from Woodywood.. :)

 Mr.Rully (Woodywood) and JV looking for the Substance Prototype

 It's trading time!! Mr.Rully gave JV 2 Woodywood decks and JV gave Mr.Rully an old Substance deck and a old mold Berlinwood (Elias Assmuth)

 Gungz and Albar... ehem.. hehehe..

 yeahhh.. family photo.. :)

 Nepom new setup (Warhola) and Dee new setup (Flip Tips)

 after the event, we decided to have some dinner in "Nasi Bancakan" with Woodywood team.. :)

 Mr.Bunk (Bunkerdeck) and Ami Love You

yeah!! FP team with JV (Substance) and Woodywood team.. :)

fun facts :
1. We had planned to go to Bandung at 5AM, but yeah, we just woke up at 8AM.. hahaha.. so we like 5 hours late to the event. hahaha..
2. Dee was the judge for the GoS Final, but it was an accident, Dee just walk by the area for GoS Final, he was looking for Ami, but then Ato (Middfinger / Bandung Fingerboard) stared at Dee and said "Okay, Dee is the judge for the final"!! and Dee just, "Whattttt??!!" hahahaha...
3. So many beautiful chicks in Bandung, Ami and Nepom just can't stop said "ohhhhh wooowwwwww..."
4. In the way home, the traffic was so bad, it took like 4 hours to get to Jakarta
5. We decided to have a rest in Toll Rest Area, and we find that they built a mosque, and they have a lot of marbles, and then.. you know.. we took that marbles.. A LOT!!! hahahaha.. 

Thanx to ; Ato, Ardi and all Middfinger crews and Bandung Fingerboard, Mr.Rully and Mrs. Uthie and all Woodywood crews.. :)

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