Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jerome Verony (Substance) ; Deck Collection

when JV came to Indonesia last week, he showed us his decks (and wheels) collection.. it's crazy!!! he has so many classic and rare items.. Dee decided to pictured them.. so here are the photos :

the whole collection (and he still have so many decks that he left in his house)

JV Top 6 :

 this is his current setup : Flaked deck + FBS Tape + BRR Trucks + O-Ringz revolution (nose : soft, tail : medium) + Substance THC A

Wheels collection :

 he has so many great wheels, Winkler Wheels TLC, 1st generation of Winkler Wheels (without bearings), Substance Ultimate, etc..

but this is the killer!!! Substance prototype!!! you can see there's transparent material for the inner wheels and black for the outer. We bet there will be so many local brand will try to make this kind of wheels after they see this picture.. :)

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